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Our answer to the request from the NOZ (Osnabrück-Newspaper)


  • equal rights for cars, cyclists and pedestrians
  • more safety for the most vulnerable road users
  • promoting cyclists and public transport
  • ban on trucks passing through (delivery traffic free)
  • expand P+R facilities
  • expand the A30 instead of closing the gap on the A33

Climate protection

  • no sealing through building encroachment on the green fingers (Grüne Finger) and cold air production areas
  • no building in endangered flood plains (Hase, Düte etc.)
  • dismantling of sealed surfaces in the innercity
  • greening to improve the urban climate


  • support new housing construction primarily for families with lower and middle incomes
  • urban housing concept against profitinterests of investors
  • land in municipal hands
  • exercise the right of advance sale by the Osnabrück City
  • remove real estate from the speculative market

Child care

  • implement concepts of free, multilingual and all-day kindergartens
  • day-care centres & after-school care
  • educational justice through early childhood language promotion
  • in addition, recruit and trainqualified staff to ensure that there is sufficient provision in the city districts


  • further promotion and expansion of all-day schools (e.g. comprehensive school Schinkel (GSS), IGS in Eversburg district)
* ongoing expansion of secondaryschools and examination of the financial framework for further required intergrated comprehensive schools
  • equip schools with technology and media
  • strengthen school social work under municipal sponsorship


  • strengthen community centres
  • expand open youth work and streetwork in all parts of the city (e.g. district Wüste)
  • create recreational opportunities for all age groups in the residential neighbourhoods
  • support the positive development of the youthparliament
  • expand opportunities for participation


  • promote broad culture and culture in the city districts by all sections of the population and agegroups
  • expected approx of 100 million € for the theatre redevelopment currently not fundable – this would jeopardise support for all other important cultural institutions


  • promote and support masss sports for local people
  • proffessional sport must be a matter for the clubs and their top associations
  • not a VFL performance centre in the Gartlage (there are alternatives)
  • extend the periods of use of the swimmming pools for swimming lessons in school


  • responsible use of tax payers‘ money
  • no new debt for prestigious projects, such as the VHS forecourt, theatre renovation, VFL perfomance centre and Münster/Osnabrück airport
  • improve and strictly adhere to financial guidelines
  • avoid „Greensill 2“.

Economic development

  • promote cooperation between WFO and WIGOS (district) to create inter-municipal residential and commercial areas
  • improve the quality of stay, eg. through more greenery in the city centre, in order to support independent retail trade – press ahead with new construction measures in the city centre